Assessment criteria

The final grade is calculated on the basis of a weighted average of scores received for the following elements (weights in brackets):

  1. Students presenations in pairs (40%),
  2. Written test (60%).

Presentations should be prepared in pairs. They should be based on the CBA studies presented in scientific papers. Each presentation should last about 15-20 min.

The test will consist of 15 multiple choice questions. The questions will relate to material covered during the lecture and may involve both theoretical questions as well as problem-solving.


In order to pass the course, it is required to obtain at least 50% of the maximum exam score AND at least 50% of the maximum total score.


The grades will be given according to the following scale:

5   for <90,100>  
4+ for <80,90)     
4   for <70,80)     
3+ for <60,70)     
3   for <50,60)     
2   for <0,50)